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Behaviorist focused on meeting you and your dog where you are at, and cultivating the relationship and lifestyle of your wildest dreams.

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We are a small business that who believes in you and your dog. We believe in your goals, and we want be part of your journey to creating the life of your dreams with your dog by your side.

Training Services


Knowledge is power, and at WeiserWays we like to share our knowledge to ensure training is accessible and sustainable for our clients. Setting you and your dog up for success is important to us in order to cultivate an intentional relationship with you and your dog.

Behavior Training

Creating a space for reactive, anxious and fearful dogs where they have a voice and are encouraged to communicate freely without the fear of repercussions, and instead respected, and given autonomy over their body.

Puppy Training

A proactive approach to teach your puppy decision-making, problem-solving, and clear communication so you can take your pup anywhere, anytime.

Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is the addition of a reward
immediately following a desired behavior, this increases the likelihood of the behavior occurring again. Positive reinforcement is scientifically proven to be the best and most humane training technique on the market. Let's work from a place of love rather than ego.

Virtual Training

Virtual training allows you and your dog to train on the road from anywhere, while still making time to grow and learn together.

Training begins at your fingertips. We're happy you found us.

WeiserWays Membership

WeiserWays Memberships are a great way to stay consistent with training, each membership includes: personalized sessions with Sparrow Weiser, personal access to our training portal, A customized training plan for you and your dog, and access to Sparrow during business hours. Memberships are automatically billed to allow you to focus on what really matters; your relationship with your dog.

The Chihuahua

The Chihuahua is for the Independent client who can hold themselves accountable to do daily homework throughout the month and looking to work on training twice a month.

The Terrier

The Terrier is for the client who is looking for more in depth training sessions, meeting four times a month, creating a weekly routine for you and your dog.

The Dane

The Dane is for the client who is in need of extra attention and is looking for additional guidance with training. With eight sessions a month, we meet two times a week to keep things consistent.

Let's Collaborate

Pop-Up Class

As we travel we will be doing "Pop-Ups" in cities we are in. We would love to collaborate with local dog stores, rescues, veterinarians, and trainers. Reach out to collaborate with us!


From shelters, and training facilities to Vet offices we have topics created to help bridge the dog-human gap, dive deeper into dog behavior, and explore consent based communication. We teach you and your staff how to implement training and education in real life during our customized teaching experience.

Speaking Engagements

From schools to conferences we love to raise awareness about Positive Reinforcement, dog reactivity, and self awareness. If you have a topic and you are interested in collaborating with us reach out!

What we're about

Our Values

Our values include education, empathy, collaboration, self-awareness, inclusion, vulnerability, solidarity, honesty, communication, intersectionality, and love.

Our Mission

Our values include empathy, education, collaboration, self-awareness, inclusion, vulnerability, solidarity, honesty, communication, intersectionality, and love.

To the Human

We are dedicated to you, your dog, and your family. We do not train, we collaborate and help you learn how to love yourself and your dog using the working definition from bell hook's book All About love which states: "the will to extend one's self for the purpose of nurturing one's own or another's spiritual growth." - Erich Fromm

Frequently Asked Questions


What membership is most reccommended?

The membership is dependent on your individual needs. The Membership that most clients are attracted to is The Terrier. The Terrier allows us to meet once a week, keeping our training consistent and allowing us to achieve your goals in a way that is timely and at you and your dogs pace.


Do you work with folks who use aversive tools?

I do work with clients who are considered "crossover" clients; this means that they have used aversive tools (shock collar, prong collar, slip lead etc) currently or in the past and are looking to crossover to Positive Reinforcement. When a client is onboarded I ask that they throw out (not donate) all the aversive tools they use and have, and purchase tools that are anti-oppressive and used to promote healthy communication.


How do I set up for virtual training?

In virtual training sessions it is great to be in a space that is comfortable, considered safe to you, and allows you to be your authentic self. Ideally it would be great to set up a space where there is either natural light or lights in the room so we can see one another. Having a light snack and water is also a great idea to ensure you are hydrated and have something to munch on if you get hungry. In the instances where we will be doing live training it is important to set up your computer so I can see your dog and the room, in this instance a tripod is recommended.


What does a virtual training look like?

First we will have a consultation, which will review everything you need to know about dog behavior, understanding dog body language, dog stress, and. After out consult I will give you homework that will include videotaping you and your dog trining with specific instructions tailored to you and your dogs needs. In our virtual training session we review the videos you've uploaded and discuss what's happening, how your dog is feeling, what can be improved, and what you are doing great at. Each week you will take and upload new videos that will bring you and your dog closer to the behavior you are looking to achieve.

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In a world where society tells humans to seek perfection, where having emotions is seen as weakness, and asking for help symbolizes admitting defeat, we wanted to change the narrative. We’re here to make real change, and we want to make change together.



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