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A trans man and his dog on top of a mountian
a trans man (left), a tan dog (middle) and a non-binary women wearing a hat (right)

Meet WeiserWays

Arrow is a qualified reactivity specialist with a B.S. in Psychology and MSc in Animal Behavior. Arrow has years of experience working with reactive dogs using positive reinforcement training techniques.

a blue dog sitting


Healing reactivity

 based in understanding dogs body language, signs of stress, and teaching humans the education that creates a strong foundation for communication and coexistence. just a click away to begin!

a women petting a dog


Here to make your doggy training dreams come true. My training is completely tailored to you and your dog. I train dogs on aggression to loose lead and everything in between. 

a blue dog sitting


Training your puppy gives them the tools they will need to become a confident, social dog, that can easily accompany you anywhere. Puppy training is vital as it molds the way your dog will behave in the future.


Positive Reinforcement

a non-binary person lying on the floor with her tan dog

Positive reinforcement is the addition of a reward immediately following a desired behavior, this increases the likelihood of the behavior occurring again. Positive reinforcement is scientifically proven to be the best and most humane training technique on the market.  Do you want a dog that understands you, or a dog that is bullied into behaving?

virtual training

a trans man sitting at his computer

Virtual training allows you and your dog to find the right trainer that best fits you and your needs worldwide.


Training begins at your fingertips. We're happy you found us. 

a blue dog


Need to change the way things are run but don't know where to begin? Each seminar includes an evaluation, staff discussion, education, and a hands-on period, all you need to do is show up and be willing to make changes.

a blue dog


Topics created to help bridge the dog-human gap. We teach you and your staff how to implement things in real life during our four hour teaching experience. 

a blue dog

Speaking engagements

From schools to conferences, we do them all. Select from our speaking engagement topics and we'll see you there. 

Human Education

The Chihuahua

The Terrier

The Dane

w non binary person and a trans person looking at a tan puppy

weiser ways to communicate 



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