Meet Weiserways

Passionate, knowledgeable, and always here to help! 
Arrow Weiser: Owner / Behaviorist (she/they)

Arrow is a dog behaviorist with a Masters Degree in Animal Behavior concentrated in dogs. Arrow has years of experience working with dogs on behavior modifications through positive reinforcement training techniques, and confident exercises.  

Arrow's favorite part of training is working with a dog that exhibits reactivity behaviors, and through training seeing them go from a reactive dog to a confident dog. Arrow believe that dog training is about putting your ago aside, understanding each dog's feelings, and positively communicating with dogs in order to bridge the communication gap.

Arrow began volunteering at the Dogs Trust Manchester while receiving her Masters degree in animal behavior in Manchester, United Kingdom. This is where Arrow was able to continue her knowledge on behavior, breeds, and training. 

Arrow is also an active member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT), as well as International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC). 

Alexandria Weiser: Owner / Business Manager (she/her/hers/Queen)

Meet Allie! 

From WeiserWays inception to the blooming ideas of current events, Allie is the sounding board behind our business. Often playing the devils advocate, Allie holds WeiserWays core values close to her heart; infusing loyalty, dependability and optimism into everything we do.