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Meet WeiserWays

passionate, empathetic, knowledable 

Arrow Weiser, Owner he/they 

Arrow is a reactivity specialist with a BS in Psychology and a Master's Degree in Animal Behavior concentrated in dogs.


Arrow started working with dogs in 2013 while they were living in New York City. He started "WeiserWalks", and walked dogs in Manhattan's Upper West Side.


Arrow's specialty is working with dogs that exhibit reactive behaviors. Through training, Arrow loves seeing dogs go from reactive to relaxed. Arrow believes that dog collaberation is about putting your ego aside, having self-awareness, understanding each dog's feelings, and positively communicating with dogs to bridge the communication gap. 


Arrow began volunteering at the Dogs Trust Manchester while receiving their Masters's Degree in Animal Behavior in Manchester, United Kingdom. This is where Arrow was able to continue his knowledge of behavior, and training. 


Arrow's MSc thesis was at the Dog's Trust Manchester and Manchester Dogs Home about how A Positive environment and Enrichment Program in Dog Shelters Strengthens Canine Behavior and Adoption Rates. Arrow's thesis concentrated on how dog behavior is dependent upon the environment, training techniques, and enrichment programs implemented in shelters. 


WeiserWays is trans and Queer Owned. 

a trans man laying on the bed with his dog
non binary women laying on bed upside down with dog

Al Smith, Owner she/her

From WeiserWays inception to the blooming ideas of current events, Al is the sounding board behind our business. Al holds WeiserWays core values close to her heart; infusing loyalty, dependability, emathy, and optimism into everything we do. 


Our Mission

Creating a space for dogs where they have a voice and are encouraged to communicate freely without the fear of repercussions. Giving humans an environment where they are able to learn without the pressure of having to be perfect, and instead being intentional, empathetic, and self-aware.

a trans man and a dog
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