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virtual Training

Creating a space for your dog to flourish

Virtual training is becoming the new normal in the dog training industry. Virtual training is great for dogs that are fearful, anxious, reactive, and puppies. This is because there is no distraction from a trainer in their environment, and it keeps the routine natural. Virtual training cultivates a safe space for you and your dog to grow. 

Virtual training allows you and your dog to find the right trainer that is the best fit for you and your needs. You no longer need to look down the street or in your neighborhood for a trainer when you have the whole world to choose from. 

It can be scary to be the only person with your dog, but trust me you got this! Together the three of us can move mountains.

In this program, you will receive a personalized portal for you and your dog with a training plan and homework. You will also receive a digital homework log that you will be required to fill in. 

Typing Together

examples of virtual training

This is Pablo, we are working on Cooperative Care around the nail trimmer. Pablo was nervous of the noise it makes, and would not go near it. We have taught him the cue for "paw" and now he is offering his paw to us without us asking while the nail trimmer is on. 

This is Max, we are working on his running and barking at the door at stimuli (dogs, people, sounds). We are opening the door slowly in a progression to teach him what we want and to set him up for success. 

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