Puppy Class

The Adventure Awaits 

Puppy Class is all about teaching your dog the wonder of life, and the world around them. In order for them to understand their environment, we must lead them in a way that is kind, patient, and forgiving. 


The world can be a scary place when a dog doesn't know cues, Its important for your dog to learn the basic cues so they can live a fulfilled life. In puppy class we work on how to be a leader, puppy socialization, puppy behaviors, and the seven basic cues.

(Sit, Down, Come, Stay, Leave it, Drop it.)

In this class all puppies are off lead! This allows your dog to make their own decision, and allows us to teach you how to teach your dog to make the right decision. This is vital in real life.  

Get ready to immerse yourself in everything dog, your adventure awaits!