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Reactivity Class

Working through, instead of getting through

Many dogs are reactive around other dogs and/or people, or reactive when put on a lead. Regardless of the type of stimulus, reactivity is something that causes dogs great anxiety. 

In my experience, many parents with reactive dogs become anxious, and tend to become reactive as well, which is not conducive to the dog-human relationship. This class was created to teach you and your dog how to communicate with one another in a class setting. 

In order for you and your dog to work through your miscommunication and anxiety, coping tools must be put in place. In this class we use desensitization, luring and great rewards. We give you and your dog many breaks, and we take this VERY slowly. 


The entire class is run based on your dogs comfort level. Its vital that dogs are not stressed over threshold, and are able to walk away when they need space. There is a HUGE difference between desensitization and flooding; while many times people confuse them, WeiserWays believes in desensitization since the dog is not forced to do anything they aren't ready for. 

In this class expect to learn the canine ladder of aggression, how to get your dogs attention before they react, how to walk past other dogs and people without anxiety, and much more!

**Before signing up for this class you must have had an initial consultation with Arrow Weiser. This class requires your dog to have been muzzle trained with WeiserWays**

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Examples of Reactivity Training 

This is Gracie, she is lead reactive in the presence of other dogs. in this video Gracie is workin on leaving the dog and looking at her Mom. Gracie is not stressed, and is far away enough to be under threshold. 

This is Flynn, she is dog reactive on lead, and backs up her reactivity off lead. We are working on her reactivity in a Park. We started her reactivity training 100 meters away from dogs, and have been able to decrease our distance over the past few months. 

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