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Tailored Training

Together we can create a collaborative relationship 

two people with a horse and dog

My training is completely tailored to you and your dog; an investment that requires time and patience. If you are willing to initiate change, abide by positive reinforcement techniques, and follow up on the homework I give you, we will be a great team! 

Every relationship is unique, and I believe that there shouldn't be a cookie-cutter routine for every person and their dog. Like a child, every learning speed is different, and I will help tailor your training based on how your dog responds best. 

Tailored training is for dogs that are over 9 months or older and need to dive deeper into cues and understand stimuli in the world. This can include working on recall, staying outside under distractions, being able to relax at a coffee shop, learning how to leave food, how to behave around company, and more.

In this program, you will receive a personalized portal for you and your dog with a training plan and homework. you will also receive a digital homework log that you will be required to fill in. 

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