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why we are virtual

Environment is key

Dogs learn best in their environment, this is due to low distractions and familiar smells. When teaching your dog something new, it is always best to teach them in their comfort zone. Working with your dog in a designated part of the house will allow your home to become their learning hub. 

Dogs tend to forget what they have learned when placed in unfamiliar surroundings, or in a setting they did not initially learn cues. We will start in the home, and by gradually expanding your dogs' environment, they will learn these cues are for every situation.

Your dog has a lot going on inside too, they have  a lot they want to say but have a hard time communicating with us humans. Thats where I come in and bridge the communication gap. I like to make it easy for your dog to succeed, by setting them up for success. Having an unfamiliar person inside your house when they are trying to heal, and learn new things is a lot of social pressure. This can cause a dog to react, or lengthen their healing process. Healing wounds that lead to reactivity is hard, so I like to give them space and teach you how to be the trainer that they need. After all, you won't be my client forever. 


 This is why training is virtual. 

non binary women and dog on bed
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