Human Education & Seminars

Setting you and your staff up for success

Education is more than training with dogs. It's coexisting and understanding one another, creating a safe space for dogs to flourish, implementing structure, understanding their needs, body language, warning signs, and so much more.


In the Human Education Seminars, we discuss important topics that will teach you and your staff how to advocate for dogs and work towards becoming dog experts in their settings.


Seminar Topics include Training and Education for Staff, Training and Education for Volunteers, Human Education for Adopters, Human Education for Fosters, Individualized Training Programs for Dogs, Kids and Dog Education, and more.


Each seminar is different and created specifically for the organization. Every seminar will include: Why Positive Reinforcement, Canine Ladder of Aggression, Dogs Hierarchy of Needs, Dog Behaviors and Stances, Enrichment, How to fill your Dogs Cup Up. Each seminar covers a specific branch of dog behavior and training. 


Every seminar will include individual portals with the information you will be learning, homework, goal setting, follow-up meeting, and a certificate.


Seminars are 1-3 days depending on individual needs and the program chosen. each day is 4-6 hours.


*Some seminars will include human education and hands on education with dogs*



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