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A WeiserWays Seminar is a bit different than seminars you've seen before. Our seminars are 3-12 days and include:


  • Evaluation period: This is to see how things are currently running, and to better assist and tailor the education piece to the shelter's needs. 


  • Staff discussion period: The staff discussion allows us to learn the support the staff need, how we can better assist them, and the dog behavior knowledge we need to begin with in the education piece. 


  • Education period: This is where we are in a classroom setting and learning about the chosen topis(s) to create a more supportive, safe, and enriching environment for the dogs and humans involved in the shelter. 


  • Hands-on learning period: After the education piece, this is where we put the learning into action. 

Please reach out to Arrow here for more information. 


Teaching is for groups who want to learn an overview or specific topic of dog behavior. Teaching is up to 4 hours, topics include but are not limited to: 

  • Dogs & Kids

  • Basics of Dog Reactivity

  • Human Awareness 

  • Positive Reinforcement

  • The Power of Choice 

  • Dog-Human Collaberation

  • Individualized Training Plans for Dogs

  • Leash Reactivity & How to Change Behavior 

Please reach out to Arrow here for more information. 

Image by Kenny Eliason


Speakers at Conference

Speaking Engagements is for companies, conferences, non-profits, and veterinarians who are interested in inviting WeiserWays to speak. Speaking topics include: 

  • Self-Awareness in Dog Reactivity

  • Don't Forget the Human!

  • Why Positive Reinforcement?

  • How healing yourself can heal your dog

  • Dog Reactivity 

Please reach out to Arrow here for more information. 

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