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Positive Reinforcement

Building a stronger relationship, together. 

Positive reinforcement allows your dog to learn in a stress-free environment, enabling them to feel safe with no negative consequences attached to their learning process.


Positive reinforcement is the addition of a reward immediately following a desired behavior, this increases the likelihood of the behavior occurring again. Positive reinforcement is scientifically proven to be the best and most humane training technique on the market. 


WeiserWays is adamant on training every dog with positive reinforcement. Research has shown that dominance and punishment techniques scare dogs into submission, cause PTSD, and sever the bond between the dog and the owner.  


examples of

Positive Reinforcement


Maizel is working on "drop it" (desired behavior) she gets the bully stick and is asked to drop it and does (desired behavior achieved) We then say "yes" and give Maizel chicken for her amazing accomplishment (reward/reinforcing desired beheavier). 

Tigz is a bit nervous to put on their harness, this is why we are using a positive reinforcement technique called Luring. Luring is using a reward (chicken) to give Tigz the confidence to put their head through the harness. As you see in the video James shows Tigz the chicken (reinforcement), and Tigz puts part of their head through the harness (desired behavior) and receives chicken as a result of their bravery (positive reinforcement). 

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