Positive Reinforcement

Building a stronger relationship, together. 

Positive reinforcement allows your dog to learn in a stress free environment, enabling them to feel safe with no negative consequences attached to their learning process.


Positive reinforcement is the addition of a reward immediately following a desired behavior, this increases the likelihood of the behavior occurring again. Positive reinforcement is scientifically proven to be the best and most humane training technique on the market. 


WeiserWays is adamant on training every dog with positive reinforcement. Research has shown that dominance and punishment techniques scare dogs into submission, cause PTSD, and sever the bond between the dog and the owner.  

examples of

Positive Reinforcement


Kayden is asked to stay and wait for the ball (desired behavior) he waits for the ball while making great eye contact (desired behavior achieved) Abbe then says "yes" and throws the ball for Kayden (reward/reinforcing desired beheavier). 

Dougal is playing with a sock, (undesired behavior), Abbe switches the sock out for his toy (positive reinforcement), instead of taking the sock away and saying "no" with no alternative. Dougal lets go of the sock and plays with his toy (desired behavior achieved)

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