let's talk about what you need
WeiserWays consultations are unique and vital in order to sustain training in and out of our sessions. Consulatations are mandatory before training. 

Our consultation is 90 minutes split into two sections: 45 minutes of Human Education and 45 minutes of getting to know you and your dog. Both sections as well as training sessions are done virtually via zoom. 

The Human Education part of the consultation will focus on understanding dog and human behavior by learning Positive Reinforcement, the Canine Ladder of Aggression, dog body language and postures, the dogs hierarchy of needs, how to fill a dogs cup up, T.E.M.P.: tail, ears/eyes, mouth, and postures to look for when your dog is under threshold, at threshold, and over threshold and more. These are all very important aspects of understabding your dog, and will allow you to communicate with them effectively.

We also go 
over the Wheel of Emotions, which pertains to human emotions. Learning to pinpoint and understand our emotions is significant when working with our dogs. It allows us to stop, reflect on how we are feeling, understand our priorities, and heal, instead of taking our emotions out on our dogs.

The second part of the consultation is all about the specifics you and your dog are looking to work on to build a stronger relationship. This is where I virtually meet your dog, we talk about management and training, and we work on a few exercises together. 

At the end of the consultation, you will be given homework to work on for the next time I see you. 
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