Behavioral Training & Assessments 

360 analysis tailored for your dog
When booking Behavioral Training with WeiserWays, I will come to your house, and observe you and your dogs routine. This initial assessment allows me to understand behavior in the moment, and then teach you the proper response to rework unwanted behaviors. 
My behavioral assessment is the first step to Behavior Training. These assessments are vital since they allow me to perceive how you handle correcting your dog, and how I can help you immediately, and in the future. 
The most important part of the training process is YOU.
You must be fully dedicated to the journey of training your dog in order to create the proper results.
Behavior training is for dogs with issues that need a little extra attention. These behavioral issues can include: aggression of all kinds, redirection issues, biting, excessive barking, guarding, humping, and more. If your dog is exhibiting something not listed, don't hesitate to contact me.