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Behavior Training 

Leading with love, and honoring boundaries 

Behavior training begins with an assessment, and then we begin a management plan. Management allows us to enter a highly stimulating environment with your dog under threshold, and work with a stimulus that you wouldn't normally be able to tackle. Management looks like walking your dog through a situation at an appropriate distance, communicating, and rewarding your dog every step of the way. 

Environment drives behavior, reinforcement drives behavior, and communication drives behavior: we need these in order to begin to heal your dog's emotions that are driving their reactive behavior. 

Once we are able to enter the environment successfully and at a suitable distance, training begins. The training is part of behavior training that is sustainable and does not always include management. This is where your dog takes the lead and is confident in their decision-making in a once-triggering environment. 
The most important part of the training process is YOU.
Being fully dedicated to the journey of training your dog is what yields results. 
Behavior training is for dogs that are reactive, anxious, and/or fearful.   

In this program, we are virtual, you will receive a personalized portal for you and your dog with a training plan and homework. you will also receive a digital homework log to fill in. 

great dane on torn couch

"Sparrow was the trainer I needed to help me unwrap the controlling training techniques I had learned. I went from wanting Pablo to be perfect to wanting Pablo and I to be happy together.

Each training session we had with Sparrow I let go of control little by little. I gained a new sense of the guide I wanted to be and learned how to regulate my emotions in order to see what Pablo needed from me.

I don't have the words to express how appreciative I am for Sparrow and the gifts he has provided me. I wouldn't be here with my dog curled up next to me without the support Sparrow provided my family. I cannot recommend Sparrow enough as he has been the foundation I needed to come back to myself and helped me to develop a relationship that I love with my dog."

- Jenny & Carlos

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