Behavioral Training & Assessments 

360 analysis tailored for your dog
Behavior training usually begins with management, management allows us to enter a triggering environment with your dog under threshold, and work on stimulus's that we wouldn't normally be able to tackle. Management looks like walking your dog through a situation, and rewarding them every step of the way. 

The key to behavior training is the always have your dog under threshold, and never over threshold. When your dog is under threshold they are able to absorb information, and learn with little stress. 

Once we are able to enter the environment successfully and at a suitable distance, training begins. The training is the part of behavior training that is sustainable and does not always include management. 

There are some people who prefer to continue using management as well as training which is an option. Both management and training are part of the behavior program.
The most important part of the training process is YOU.
Being fully dedicated to the journey of training your dog is what yields results. 
Behavior training is for dogs with behaviors that need a little extra attention. These behavioral concerns can include: reactivity, redirection, biting, excessive barking, guarding (food, toys, people), humping, and more. If your dog is exhibiting something not listed, don't hesitate to contact me.