What people say 

Becky Huestis/ Former WeiserWays Client 

Abbe is knowledgeable and patient. She helped me with my puppy (now dog) Rhodesian ridgeback with everything from basic obedience to recall, impulse control and even taught him to antler shed hunt!  Highly recommend Abbe for all dog training needs!

Dawn Cassell / WeiserWays Client 

Abbe is a passionate and very knowledgeable dog behaviorist. She helped my dog Teddy with his impulse control to be less dog reactive while on leash, and with his discipline. He is now able to sit at all door stops and follow certain commands that Abbe has worked with us on. I really love her positive, rewards-based approach to training. She has also provided me with some great advice regarding slow feeder dog bowels, how to properly read dog nutrition labels, and much more. Teddy also did his first WeiserWays slumber party with Abbe for one week while I was on vacation and it was a great experience. Abbe kept me updated with how he was doing with training, pictures when I missed him, and was able to implement Teddy's training plan while I was gone.  It was comforting to know my dog would be in great hands with someone who would truly care for him and is trustworthy.   

Greg O'Polka / WeiserWays Client 

We’ve been working with Abbe, (She’s training us) to improve Roxi's manners. Abbe is very personable and easy to work with. She knows dogs and seems to understand their behavior very well. We have been making great progress in Roxi’s anxiety about people coming to the door, and her behavior on walks. We are learning a lot about understanding how to properly communicate with our almost 3yr old pitt-bull. 

Thank you WeiserWays

Danielle Johnston / WeiserWays Client 

 "My 7 year old Border Collie ,Kaydan, had a tendency to pull on his walks, and bark for attention. I had to have hip surgery, and needed to correct his lead pulling in order to walk him after surgery. I loved that Abbe used positive reinforcement to correct his pulling and attention barking. I continued with behavioural  training after surgery, and the results are fantastic! It’s strange to think that a few months ago Kaydan was controlling the walk, now he is walking beside me.  I am so relieved I met Abbe when I did, as I was able to walk Kaydan right after surgery. Thank you Abbe! I didn’t think you could teach a 7 year old Border Collie new tricks, and change an older dogs attention seeking behaviours!"

Susan Mayer Brumel / WeiserWays Cheerleader 

When we got our Bernese Mountain Dog, she was already 14 months old, and she had been trained NOT to go on the sofa!! My husband and I tried everything to get her up on the couch with us, and she would not join us. Abbe told me to bring a treat to the couch and when she motioned to get it, simply say, "Yes. up."
And voila!! The second time, I didn't even have to give her a treat!! Now, the magic words work all by themselves. She'll even come up without any coaxing at all!!

Thank you, Abbe!!

Emily Robinson / WeiserWays Client 

"My dog Gatsby is the worst lead puller and I never thought it would be possible for him to change. I met Abbe and in one day, she managed to get him to understand what I wanted from him. Learning her techniques really helped me  build a foundation for better walks with Gatsby. She is incredibly patient at all times. If you’ve got a problem with your dog, she is definitely the person I would recommend you go to."

Kristy Scribner / WeiserWays Client 

"Abbe worked with my 5 month old puppy for a few sessions. She was very professional and offered lots of advice and great techniques. My puppy enjoyed working with Abbe and was happy to spend time with her. You may have seen my puppy on Abbe's instagram learning to sit.  I would highly recommend the work that Abbe does with all dogs to any of my other doggy friends."