Puppy Training

Gearing your pup for the real world

Puppy training is essential because it molds the way your dog will behave as an adult. Teaching your dog the basic commands as a puppy makes it easier for them to learn new things as they grow older. Training now, helps your puppy grow the confidence needed in social settings at a young age.

Dogs are social beings, and love to communicate and play with one another, yet untrained dogs rarely play off lead with others in parks or any public settings.

When training, you and I will expose your puppy to an array of different environments, sounds, objects, and people. This allows your dog to see as much of the world as possible through the learning lens, so they don't inherently fear new things 

as they grow older. 


A Confident dog is happy dog! 

This Danby, he is in Puppy Training learning how to "leave it". All Weiserways training techniques are founded from Positive Reinforcement.