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On-Demand Introduction to Positive Reinforcement

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Welcome, and thank you for choosing WeiserWays to get your canine education!

In this On Demand class expect to learn:
*What Positive Reinforcement is
* How to implement Positive Reinforcement on a daily basis
* What Positive Reinforcement looks like in and out of training
* What positive behaviors to look for in your dog
* What behaviors to nurture in dogs
* What an anxious, reactive, and aggressive body language looks like
* How to coexist instead of existing with your dog
* How to advocate for your dog around people and other dogs
And so much more!

**this class is NOT live, just On Demand**
Before we start, don't forget your pen and paper to take notes. Are you ready to bridge the communication between you and your dog, and change your mindset forever? let's begin
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